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Spurgehom Portable Handheld Steam Cleaner

Experience the Power of Steam Cleaning with Spurgehom Handheld Steam Cleaner - Your Ultimate Solution for Stain Removal, Curtains, Car Seats, Floors, and Windows!

- Large Capacity: The Spurgehom Steam Cleaner has a 350ml large capacity water tank that provides continuous steam for up to 20 minutes. This means you can clean multiple surfaces without the need for frequent refills.
- Complete Accessory Set: The Spurgehom Steam Cleaner comes with an 11-piece accessory set that includes various attachments such as a window squeegee, brush, nozzle, and more. These accessories make it easy to clean different surfaces and achieve a thorough cleaning.

The Spurgehom Handheld Steam Cleaner is a powerful and portable tool that can help make cleaning a breeze. With a 350ml large capacity and 11-piece accessory set, this pressurized steamer is perfect for removing tough stains from a variety of surfaces. Whether you need to clean curtains, car seats, floors, or windows, this handheld steam cleaner has got you covered. The high-pressure steam helps to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, making it a great choice for households with children or pets. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to store and use whenever you need it. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to a cleaner home with the Spurgehom Handheld Steam Cleaner.